making compatible DVDs

He copies video to DVD-Rs but not all machines can play them. This is not uncommon, but most modern DVD players should be able to play both DVD-R and DVD+R. Read the DVD []FAQ for more information about compatibility.
Regarding the recording of DVD’s; I had a bunch of problems with compatibility when I was burning DVD’s and found a solution that worked great for me. I use Pinnacle 9 with the IO Magic 8x DVD burner and found that if I reduced the quality of the recording to 6000 Kbit/sec I had much more success with burning. I was using the max values thinking it would make a better disk but it turned out to make it harder to read. Good Luck!
Really old DVD players from the late ‘90’s couldn’t read DVD-R discs while ones made after about 2000 can all read DVD-R’s that are made correctly but can’t read DVD+R’s unless the Book Type is set to DVD-Rom to make it think it’s a movie.
Most computer DVD-Rom drives can’t read DVD+R discs either, such as the Toshiba SD-M1612. However, lots of new players and almost all DVD burners can read either DVD-R or DVD+R. If he makes a DVD-R and authors it correctly it should read in any player available today.
Making a DVD+R that will play in all players is a bit harder since not all burners can set the Book Type to DVD-Rom. He should get a utility program like DVDInfoPro to use for analyzing his discs to see if the Book Type is correct and kind of recorded disc is correct, such as DVD Movie. It can also check burners and players and show their capabilities. More info on burning, video conversions and software tutorials is available at


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