Forgot Your Windows password?

:: Method 1 ::

The easiest way to clear the Admin password in W2K or XP is with the Emergency Boot CD. In fact, download it now and burn a copy – it’s very handy in a variety of Windows crises. []

:: Method 2::  (watch video showing method)

Assuming you didn’t give the Administrator account a password when you installed Windows, boot into Safe Mode (repeatedly tap F8 when computer is starting up, and choose the Safe Mode option). Enter Windows via the Administrator account. Open up the Start Menu, and open up ‘Run‘. Type ‘cmd‘. The Command Line Window will open. Type (without the quotes) ‘net user [account name] /random’. A new auto-generated password will be given. Use it to enter your account upon rebooting your computer again.

:: Method 3 ::

 At the Windows login Welcome screen, type CTRL+ALT+DEL twice, The administrator account will now be shown, allowing you to enter Windows, assuming you didn’t give it a password when you installed Windows.

:: Method 4 :: (watch video)

Use the Emergency Recovery Disc to reset an administrator account’s password. Watch the video to learn more.


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