Run Windows 98SE software in Windows XP

Right click on the program icon in XP and click Compatibility tab. Select the Compatibility mode for Windows 98. Then Run in 256 colours.


4 Responses to Run Windows 98SE software in Windows XP

  1. M Bowman says:

    Is the reference above about running Windows 98 se in Vista based on having Windows XP? Is it possible to (custom) build a gaming laptop that runs Windows 98 se?

    Will Vista service pack allow windows 98 se run?

  2. techqa says:

    The title should definitely mention Windows XP, not Windows Vista. That’s a typo on my part. Sorry for the confusion.

    Is it possible to custom build a gaming laptop that runs Windows 98SE? I’m sure it’s possible, if you’re really determined to find laptop parts, and know how to solder and put the thing together, but I wouldn’t recommend it. It would be easier to add more RAM to a current laptop (or desktop), and install Windows 98SE within virtual machine software (Virtual PC 2007) on top of Windows XP or Windows Vista.

    Simply running Windows 98SE on it’s own would be dangerous, as it’s such an old operating system, the lack of security would have the laptop infected within minutes once connected to the internet.

    According to Microsoft itself, Vista will allow you to run Virtual PC 2007. It should therefore let you run Window 98SE within, Though I wouldn’t recommend being connected to the internet while 98SE is running, due to 98SE’s lack of security.

  3. Rick Tennant says:

    I’m an old fart,and I’ve been trying to find a Virtual program that will allow me to use my 98se programs on a pc with XP…VWware offer such a program but want astronomical money for it.. Is there something out there to accomodate my requirements??????????

    • techqa says:

      Probably the easiest solution to this problem is to install Windows 98SE in a virtual machine, but don’t connect it to the internet, just use it to run those specific programs you want to use. Connecting it to the internet would only be problematic, as it’s so old and insecure. To answer your question, I don’t know of any programs that will allow you to run Win98SE programs within XP, aside from compatibility mode. (right click program shortcut, properties, compatibility tab)

      An alternative to VMware is Microsoft Virtual PC 2007.

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