Recovering Files off Flash Memory

Camera Memory these days is seen as a hard drive, and so you should be able to recover it fairly easily using free tools, such as smart Recovery.  The most important thing is not to use the drive for anything else. Just like with a hard drive, even though it tells you the data is gone, it actually isn’t until the space on the drives where the files are located is overwritten. When you initially delete a file or folder, it just removes the reference to it, not the file itself. Only when the space on the hard drive/usb drive is overwritten is the data deleted. Though there are programs like SpinRite that can recover such files as well, so long as it hasn’t been very long since the files were overwritten.


2 Responses to Recovering Files off Flash Memory

  1. ariesya says:

    my thumbdrive got problem when i’m trying to enter it to my laptop.I’ve found that all my files in the thumbdrive is not there.when i’m checking it at properties,it shows that it is full with my files.Can you suggest ways for me?????????

  2. techqa says:


    So your computer is recognizing that data exists on the thumbdrive, but isn’t showing it or allowing you to access it? What file system (FAT, NTFS) is the thumbdrive using? From your comment, I know your using Windows to try and access the files, but what Operating System did you use when putting those files on the thumbdrive? Mac? Linux? Windows?

    If you have only used Windows, it’s also possible the data was corrupted or didn’t write properly. try accessing the thumbdrive from another Windows machine. I hope you kept a backup of that data, just in case.

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