Backup Firefox Passwords

You will need a Firefox Add-on (extension) called Password Exporter, which you can find here. Simply click ‘add to Firefox’ on the page, then ‘install’ on the window that pops up. Then click the ‘restart firefox’ button. Firefox will automatically restart. Then click ‘tools’, then ‘add-ons’, then ‘extensions’. Then click on the ‘password exporter’, then ‘options’, then ‘export’. You may also choose to encrypt the passwords, in which you can use the Master Password you use for the Firefox password manager, detailed here.


3 Responses to Backup Firefox Passwords

  1. zlatan24 says:

    I heard about not bad application-outlook password backup, is a program, that helps users to display passwords and logins for all mail accounts, created in Microsoft Outlook as well as for files with *.pst extension, that are stored to keep your mail messages, can easily recover forgotten password for all Microsoft Outlook accounts, can copy recovered data to a text file, Outlook 2003 mail account and password backup is easy.

  2. Rockstar sid says:

    Seems like somethings wrong with css..

    • techqa says:

      Thank you for pointing that out! WordPress seems to do that to me every time I make a post. I have to go back and delete the extra css code that mysteriously shows up and re-save the post.

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