Firefox Password Manager

Those who know and love AI Roboform, which includes a password generator, and fills out website forms and logins and passwords, all encrypted, and accessed via a single master password will love the password manager built into Firefox. Firefox, however, does not contain a password generator, though there may be a plug-in or extension available.

To access the Password Manager, go to Tools>Options>Security tab>then click on “use a master password”, it will prompt you to enter a password (don’t forget it!), and from that point on will ask you if you want it to remember your login information for each site you visit.

As for encryption, Mozilla admits that it uses encryption, but if someone really wants access them, they will. True enough for just about any kind of security these days.

More information can be found on Mozilla’s own website.


3 Responses to Firefox Password Manager

  1. 404techsupport says:

    If you have physical access to a machine using Firefox’s password manager, you can just go to Tools, Options. Under the Security tab, click ‘Saved passwords’ on the window that pops-up, click ‘Show Passwords.’ The person is now seeing your saved passwords in plain text.

    If they don’t have physical access, but can get to the machine over the network, all you have to do is create a separate profile in Firefox, and then copy the contents from the profile to your new profile. Then you can do the above by running the new profile.

    You can also use Firefox to import saved passwords from IE and then see them plain as day.

    These are all conveniences but insecure nonetheless. It seems far easier than it should be.

  2. 404techsupport says:

    So, I guess the moral of the story is, if you’re going to have Firefox remember your passwords, set a master password. It’s less convenient, but more secure.

  3. MIke Bradbury says:

    Why won’t Foxfire remember the GD user name and passwords??????
    I’ve used it on 4 or 5 computers and it works SOMETIME on every dang one.
    Mostly you have to enter 90% of them EACH AND EVERY TIME. Regardless of whether you click “remember this info” or not.

    THe “Do you want Firefox to remember the password” bar at the top does absolutely nothing to my knowledge.
    Cookies are enabled, cache cleared, blah blah blah

    Ready to go back to Microsuck.

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