IRQ Not Less or Equal

What is an IRQ?

There doesn’t seem to be any direct cause of this Blue Screen of Death error message. The most likely cause seem to be faulty or bad RAM. So, make sure you’re grounded, open up your computer case and make sure the RAM is properly seated. You should not be able to see the gold contacts. If you bought cheap RAM, you may want to return it and buy from a well-known company, such as Kingston.

Other possible causes include the video card (NVidia seems to be a culprit), or the sound card. Try swapping these components for others and see if the problem reoccurs.

You can also try running RAM tests using Memtest or

Another cause could be overheating, and Windows may just be guessing the problem. Make sure the case has proper air flow.

You may be able to figure out the problem in the Event Viewer, Control Panel>Administrative Tools>Event Viewer.

The best way to avoid IRQ conflicts to is install expansion cards one at a time AFTER installing Windows.


2 Responses to IRQ Not Less or Equal

  1. Niita says:

    The thing is for me, i had freezing problems at first. I thought it was a virus which when everytime i reboot it also reboots. so i changed my start up options using the system utility and then i rebooted. But then now i can’t completely reboot not even in safe mode. i tried reinstalling windows, that wont work either. So the computer keeps on rebooting until it freezes since the temperature is also increaing at thesame time. So i really dont know what to do now cause i cant even use any of this downloads for fixing my registries. When i use reboot options so as the computer not to reboot itself when it fails; a blue window appears with: IRQL_Not_less_or_Equal…. STOP: some numbers and it also gives me solving options of disabling bios memory such as caching/shadowing. PLS help!!!

  2. GoldenZ says:

    I had the irq not less or equal BSOD for about 3 years. Solving this problem requires to test ur ram and/or to chech ur hard disk if u have something called “spread spectrum clocking” jumper/setting. Check ur hdd manufacturer documentation (if any) before touching the jumpers.

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