Remove user settings in Twhirl

I recently needed to change my Twitter username in Twhirl (from klloyd1982 to kevinlcc), but it would not let me go into the account settings. I reinstalled Twhirl, but the problem continued. I decided uninstall the Adobe AIR plug-in, but also go a step further and delete Twhirl’s settings, where it stores the username and password in encrypted files.

In Windows Vista:

1. In the Control Panel (Start button->Control Panel-> Programs and Features), go to Folder Options, on the “View” tab, click the radio button next to “Show hidden files and folders”.

2. Find “C:/Users/<username>/AppData/Roaming/Adobe/AIR/ELS/”

3. Delete the “de.makesoft.twhirl” folder

4. Uninstall Adobe AIR through the Control Pane

5. Uninstall Twhirl if you haven’t already

6. Restart your computer

7. Download and Install Adobe Air from and Twhirl from

8. Twhirl should automatically show the options dialog box. If not, click the wrench icon in the upper right of the program. On the “Account” tab, choose your network (Twitter), type in your username, and click the plus sign, then select the username and click “connect”.

Bonus tip: if you want the text (font) bigger, click the wrench icon again, on the “visual tab”, select your desired font size from the drop down menu.


2 Responses to Remove user settings in Twhirl

  1. SarahSoda says:

    Ok I found 2 of these folders. I’m only able to delete 1 of them. When I try to delete the other one it gives me an error message: “Cannot delete file: Cannot read from the source file or disk.”



  2. SarahSoda says:

    Ok, never mind. After encountering that error message I went ahead and did the other steps you outlined. After I finished restarting my computer I did a search for that “de.makesoft.twhirl” folder and it was gone, so I’m not sure what happened, not sure why there were 2.

    Oh well, thanks for the tips!

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