Stop Firefox Download Manager from popping up

There are two ways to prevent the Firefox Download Manager from popping up.

First way:

props to Tekzilla for this tip.

1. In the Address Bar in Firefox, type “about:config”, without the quotes and no space before ‘config’


2. In the filter bar, type

3. double click it, making sure the value turns from ‘true’ to ‘false’, and restart Firefox

Now, when you download a file, the download manager won’t pop up annoyingly. but remember to clear the download history, as that will still exist. To do so, click ‘Tools’, then ‘Downloads’, and ‘Clear’.

Second way:

1. Go to ‘Tools’, then ‘Options’.

2. On the ‘General’ tab, uncheck the box next to ‘show the downloads window when downloading a file’, and click ‘ok’.



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