Send large files over the internet

I’ve encountered a few situations in which I’ve needed to send someone a large file. E-Mail is great for small files, but is too unreliable for larger files. I started using, which works well enough, but it wasn’t quite what I was looking for, not to mention the effort and numerous clicks it takes to set up a “shared” file.

Since then, I’ve been using and, which are much quicker alternatives and the recipient can download the file seconds later. Very convenient. Both have a 100MB limit, though they do have subscription services.

042’s plans start at $10 a month for 1GB of space, all the way up to$99.99 a month for 250GB of space each month.

052’s plans start at $10 a month, too, and goes up to as much as $2999.99 a year for 60GB of storage.  Also,YouSendIt limit the amount of times a single can be downloaded to 100 times for it’s free service, unlimited for its other plans.

For more options, see’s list.


One Response to Send large files over the internet

  1. File Apartment ( is good.
    – Up to 1 GB
    – Easy to use
    – No software to download or registration required
    – Fast
    – Free, safe, and secure.

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