Customize Windows Live Messenger (MSN Messenger)

July 7, 2008

Most people are accustomed to using Windows Live Messenger (MSN Messenger) with it’s default settings and abilities, and normally don’t question if they can enhance the experience. Well, you can. There are two tools that have been around for years.

MessengerPlus (MsgPlus): The website itself is clean and easy to navigate, though slightly intimidating to new users. However, simply click the big “download” button, be sure to virus check it (as with any file), and double-click to install. The program itself is very straight forward, though it takes a short time to install.

MessPatch: The website is very cluttered and hard to navigate, and full of ads (and a couple pop-ups). In the very left-hand menu, under “Downloads”, click on the “mess patch” link, then scroll down and click on the “download file” link. You may see an ad, after which you can download MessPatch. Virus check it, and install it. The program itself is very straight forward.

Each program adds useful features and abilities to Windows Live Messenger (via checkboxes), and modifies existing settings to make them better. If at any time you don’t like either program you can easily uninstall them.