Best Bit Rate to Rip or Encode CDs or DVDs

July 29, 2008

According to Tech Guy Labs….

“Apple’s AAC is better than MP3, [but comes down to personal preference.]

Start at 128kbps. But go at least 160kbps, even with AAC. Makes a significant difference, but only takes up 25% more space. Patrick Norton [of Revision3] says that 320kbps is the max you can encode and hear a difference, . Leo says you can’t really hear any difference above 192. But Leo is older than Patrick.

Use Variable Bit Rate encoding (VBR) will waste less space and is an option in iTunes.”


Any Way to Edit Content on CD or DVD After Disc is Finalized?

January 11, 2007

Once you finalize the disc in your DVD camcorder you can no longer record on it, so be prepared to bring several discs. You’ll also have to make a copy of the disc before you give it away. It’s a standard DVD so you can rip it with any DVD ripping software. To edit the resulting VOB files you’ll either need a video editor that understands VOBs (like MPEG Video Editor or AVS), or a converter to convert the VOB into an MPG file (AVS makes these as well).