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October 8, 2006


:: Links ::                                                                                   Firefox                                                                                     VideoDownloader (Extension for Firefox)                                      MediaCoder                                                                               FLV Player (eliminates need to convert) Instructions                                                                             

Download and install all of the free tools listed above.                  Go to a site (such as Youtube, MySpace…).                                 Search and find a video you would like to keep.                             Follow the instructions below.

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Click the VideoDownloader Button in the lower

right-hand corner of your Firefox Browser window.
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A window will pop-up. Click the button that says

‘Download Link.’

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Click ‘Save to Disk’ and then click ‘OK‘ in the ‘Downloads‘ window.

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NOTE: If the file you download does not have

the extension .flv, then rename the file (F2) and

end the name with .flv.
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● You can stop here if you have a .flv compatible player. If you

want to play the file in a media player or play in your DVD player,

you will need to convert it.

Start up MediaCoder.

Drag and Drop the .flv file(s) into the large white

area, or click ‘file’, then ‘add file’.
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Click the ‘Video‘ tab in the lower left-hand section                        on the window and select the codec you wish the                        converted file to be formatted as in the ‘Format‘                         drop-down menu.

Click the large ‘Start‘ button (third from the right

at the top of the window) to begin transcoding the video(s).


Image Hosted by                                                               Once a window pops up saying that the                          transcoding has completed, then you are done!

  Now that you have the videos in .AVI format,

you can use Nero, or some other DVD video burning

program to burn these videos onto a DVD so you can

watch them on any standard DVD player!

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FLV Player (eliminates need to convert)

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METHOD 2 – LEECHVIDEO_____________________

Easily save and convert videos that play in Internet                   Explorer or Firefox.  

:: Links ::                                                                                  Leechvideo (for IE and Firefox)                                                   FLV Player (eliminates need to convert) Instructions                       ● IE: Just hover your mouse over the currently playing            video and click on the LeechVideo icon on the video to                open the ‘save as’ dialog .● FIREFOX: click blue “v” in                  lower right hand corner.

You can choose to save the video in iPod format (.mov),             PSP format (.mp4) or ‘none’ format and the software will                do the rest.

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Click ‘browser’ to search for a ‘save directory’ where                    you want the converted file to be saved.                                         To make it easier to find the file, you can rename the file.              Click ‘download!’ to automatically download the file                    and convert it.                                                                             A pop-up will appear informing you the file has been converted. Click ‘ok’ and click ‘close’.

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