Run older software/programs in Windows Vista

July 22, 2008

First Method according to CNET

If your software application won’t install, open or work properly, right click on the application’s .exe file. Select Properties and then click the Compatibility tab. From there, pick the previous Windows operating system you were on (most likely Windows XP).

Second method from

Windows Vista was designed with backward compatibility for software in mind, that is: much software was designed to run with versions of windows before Windows Vista will run just fine on Vista. However some programs my not run well or will not run at all. If you find that on old program doesn’t run correctly you can access Vista’s program compatibility wizard so you can setup windows behave like on earlier versions of windows when you run that older program. Here is how to access program compatibility wizard:

  1. Click Start menu and then click Control Panel,
  2. In Control Panel window click “Programs” link,
  3. Under the “Programs and Features” header click on “Use an older program with this version of Windows” link
  4. The Programs Compatibility Wizard appears, read the Caution note that you should not use this wizard for older virus detection, backup or system programs, there are programs installed with Windows Vista as well as antivirus and backup software which are build specifically for Windows Vista and you should use those programs,
  5. Click the Next button, you can choose where the older programs is located and then click Next button,
  6. Click the programs you want to run with compatibility settings and thank click Next button,
  7. Now click the Operation System that the programs uses, you can choose from any version of Windows all the way back to Windows 95, in our case we clicked “Microsoft Windows XP (Service Pack 2)” button and then click Next button,
  8. Select the display settings check box next to the display setting if the current display settings is causing the problems, if there is no display problems just click the Next button,
  9. If the program requires administrator privilege select the checkbox “Run this program as an administrator” and then click Next button,
  10. You can test your compatibilities settings by clicking the Next button,
  11. When the user account control dialog windows appears click the continue button,
  12. The program start and it works just fine (in our case, we hope it’s the same with you),
  13. Since the compatibility settings work we will live “Yes” button selected and click the Next button,
  14. Click the start application button in tool bar, if you want to send program compatibility information to Microsoft for their records click the “Yes” button, we don’t want to send our information’s so we click “No” button and then click the Next button,
  15. The Wizard is completed so close the Wizard windows by clicking Finish button. Now everything is finish. You can do this every time for any programs just repeat these steps”

If after all that, your program is having trouble running in Windows Vista or refuses to work at all, you likely need to accept that and find a similiar program that will work in Windows Vista. Sorry for the bad news.


Run Windows 98SE software in Windows XP

August 12, 2007

Right click on the program icon in XP and click Compatibility tab. Select the Compatibility mode for Windows 98. Then Run in 256 colours.