Digital TV (DTV) Conversion Boxes

August 21, 2008


“The conversion to DTV happens February 17, 2009. Consumer Reports recently did a roundup review of all the ones out and the gist is the cheaper ones are overheating, but better ones are coming out. So there isn’t a hurry right now to get your converter box. Be patient and wait until we get closer to the deadline. And get the US Government Voucher before you do. But don’t forget that there’s an expiration date on the voucher, so get them just before you go buy them.

One other thing. If you have cable or Satellite, you won’t need the converter box. Your service will be converted before it reaches you. Converter Boxes are only necessary if you’re watching broadcast television with an antenna or rabbit ears. And some smaller stations are getting waivers from the FCC and will not be going digital. But they’re very small stations.”