Read Office 2007 files in Office 2003

June 1, 2008

With the Office 2007 compatibility pack, you can read Office 2007 docx compliant files from Office 2003, but not write them.


To save the headaches of the .DOCX file format, always save your word documents in .DOC format, as it’s compatible with everything out there.


Convert .docx to .doc

April 10, 2007

Here is a couple of links to a free websites that will convert Microsoft Word “.docx” format to the more traditional “.doc”.

Random characters showing up in Microsoft Word

March 3, 2007

There may be a paragraph mark (a backwards double P) in Word’s standard toolbar. If you click it, the characters should go away. Or open the Word, to go ‘Tools‘ > Options, click the view tab, and uncheck the invisibles you don’t want to see.

Customizing Grammar Settings In Word

September 9, 2006

1. Within Word, click Options from the Tools menu.
2. Select the Spelling and Grammar tab.
3. Click the Settings button.
4. Use the drop down arrows to select the options you want to use for commas, punctuation within quotation marks, and spaces between sentences.
5. Under the Grammar heading, place a check beside the options that you want the grammar checker to check for.            6. Conversely, you can remove a check beside any option to have the grammar checker ignore it.
7. Under the Styles heading, place a check beside those styles you want the grammar checker to check.
8. Click OK.

Using Bookmarks In Word

September 9, 2006

If you’re reading through a lengthy document and stumble across some piece of information you would like to revisit, you can simply use a bookmark.

To create a bookmark in Word:
1.Click the place in your document where you want to insert a bookmark.
2.Click Bookmark from the Insert menu.
3.Type in a name for the bookmark and click Add.

When you want to locate one of your bookmarks:

1.Open the Find and Replace dialog box by clicking Find from the Edit menu and selecting the Go To tab or by pressing F5.
2.Type the name of the bookmark in the Enter page number field.
3.Click the Go To button.